Grand Prairie police return stolen Tahoe and Golden Retriever to owner

Here is a nice story for your Thursday!

On Tuesday evening, a Fort Worth woman reported to Fort Worth PD that her Chevy Tahoe was stolen from the TCU area with her Golden Retriever inside the car.

Authorities were able to tag the vehicle’s license plate as stolen in their database, alerting any officers who run the plates that the vehicle was stolen.

Over 2,500 people shared her missing flyer on Facebook.

Yesterday evening, Grand Prairie police located the stolen vehicle with the Golden Retriever still inside! A phone call was made to the owner, who quickly retrieved the vehicle and her dog. Her reaction was caught on camera.

“My car was found by two amazing police officers, Officer Gray and Officer Monroe, left at a gas station in Grand Prairie Texas with the AC running and Riggins inside of it,” said the owner in a Facebook post.

“They believe this guy left the car around 10:50 the same night he took it. Meaning, 18 hours the car ran. Unlocked, Riggs inside, at a random gas station. To the man who took my car— I am so thankful. I am so thankful you were able to choose love, to choose faith, to choose to do good after a decision that probably came from being in a hard spot in life. I don’t know what you’ve been through or what you’re going through, but I will forever be grateful for you and will continue to pray for you every day.”

Riggins inside the Grand Prairie PD car