Fugitive *UPDATE

Wanted Fugitive – *Dangerous* (Grapevine) Multiple law enforcement agencies from across the area are searching for a prisoner who stabbed a Miami-Dade police officer last evening in Grapevine at a Wal-Mart off Hwy 114. Police say he’s 5-foot-7, weighs 175 pounds, has brown eyes, brown hair and is of Cuban descent. If you see this individual pictured below, contact the police immediately.

**UPDATE**: As police just mentioned in a press conference, the escaped prisoner “must have looked out of place.” Police agencies are asking anyone in north Texas who saw or talked with a man in the past few days that “looked out of place” and resembled the man in the pictures we’ve been sharing below to call Police or Crime Stoppers & report that information. Police also mentioned this man was willing to seriously hurt a police officer, and they believe he won’t hesitate to do it to a member of the public. This is a very dangerous man. Please keep your eyes peeled and call Police immediately if you see or come in contact with the fugitive.

(Picture from Dallas Morning News)


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