Shooting (Grapevine)

Shooting (Grapevine) Air medical on standby for a shooting, Lakeridge Drive and Forest Hills Road. EMS is staging.

UPDATE –  We are unaware if this is related to the fugitive manhunt or not, just to be clear. Any word/confirmation we will update.

UPDATE – Air medical canceled. More soon.


BREAKING URGENT NEWS from Southlake DPS – Fugitive Morales shot and killed this evening. More info: Urgent Update: Fugitive suspect Alberto Morales has been shot and killed by law enforcement. Shortly before midnight, and acting on information received by a local resident, police responded to an area near Lake Grapevine. Police officers located the fugitive and a foot pursuit ensued. As a result of the fugitives actions he was shot and killed by officers.
More information will be provided by the Grapevine Police Department.

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