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Helpful info (Media, take notice) CareFlite vs. PHI vs. Air Evac – A good number of incidents here on DFW Scanner involve an air medical helicopter response. What most folks don’t know is that there are three companies here in the Metroplex that provide aeromedical transportation! They are all medical helicopters, but not all are “careflights”, as the public commonly refers.

CareFlite is an air and ground EMS company known for their helicopter service in DFW. They’ve been around the longest here in Dallas/Fort Worth, which is likely why the public calls any medical helicopter here in DFW a careflight (even the media does it!) PHI Air Medical is a national company with 2 helicopters, PHI Med 2 (McKinney) and PHI Med 8 (Arlington), based here in the DFW Metroplex. Air Evac Lifeteam is also a national company with several helicopters here in DFW mainly serving rural regions outside of the greater DFW area. CareFlite helicopters are blue/orange/white, PHI helicopters are yellow/black, and Air Evac helicopters are red/white/blue.

So now you know!!

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