Southlake FF Benefit

The Southlake Fire Department is sending thoughts and prayers to one of their own who was recently diagnosed with a rare disease that is attacking his kidneys. He continues to receive the best of care but will need continued medical support and treatment.

Southlake Firefighter Randy Potter is an experienced Firefighter/Paramedic and as a field training officer he excelled at training new Firefighter/Paramedics in the EMS skills necessary to prepare them to help others and save lives. “Randy is an integral part of the Southlake Fire Department. He has served the needs of the community of Southlake for many years and as a part of our firefighting family and we want to help support him and his family in his time of need,” said Fire Chief Mike Starr.

The Southlake Professional Firefighters Association of Southlake is selling a specially-made T-shirt with the profits going to help provide support for Randy and his family. The shirts are available for $20.00. They can be purchased at both of our Southlake Fire Stations. If you are interested in purchasing a T-shirt please contact any Southlake Firefighter, staff member or our Community Initiatives Officer Renni Burt at (817)-748-8349 at our West Fire Station. You may also contact Anita Otterson at (817) 748-8106 at DPS HQ.

We appreciate your help in supporting one of our Firefighting brothers and his family in their time of need. Thank you very much.
via Southlake DPS


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