Some great news! – You may remember back on March 26th we posted about an incident involving a CareFlite launch to Johnson County for a horse accident involving a pediatric patient. The little girl had fallen off her horse and hit her head. CareFlite 6 Fort Worth was launched to the scene and they quickly transported her to Cook Children’s. This is her, Kinzie. A Facebook page has been started to keep others informed on her condition. When she was airlifted to the hospital, her prognosis was not good. Her parents were told she may not survive surgery. She has greatly improved since her accident. We want to give a shout-out to the volunteer fire dept and both the ground & air crews of CareFlite who worked this accident. It truly saved her life. Pictured below is Kinzie with a friend as well as the CareFlite crew who airlifted her to Cook’s. We are all rooting for you, Kinzie!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to heal!

To see the picture, please visit our Facebook page,  It is shared there.

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