So Now You Know! #2

So Now You Know! – It is very important to know what to do when an emergency vehicle running code (lights & siren) is approaching your vehicle.
1. When an emergency vehicle is coming up behind you travelling the same direction, pull to the far RIGHT, temporarily stop until the emergency vehicle has passed, and continue driving. Remember: pull to the right for sirens and lights.
2. When you are at a red light and an emergency vehicle is coming up behind you and no lanes are open for the emergency vehicle, stay put until the light turns green. When the light turns green, proceed to the right and get out of the way. If an emergency vehicle continues to try and “push” you into the intersection, ONLY move into the intersection when all traffic has stopped and it is safe to do so.
3. If an emergency vehicle is approaching you head on while travelling on a 2 lane road, move over safely to the right and stop. If the road is 2 lanes or bigger, just be sure to watch for an emergency vehicle that may be turning left across your lanes of traffic.
4. Always watch for emergency vehicle when approaching an intersection. Whether you have a green, yellow, or red light, always be aware of your surroundings when approaching an intersection.
Be cautious, be safe, and be aware. That means put down your cell phone and all other distractions until you reach your destination. Whatever you are doing can wait. If it can’t wait, pull over into a parking lot or exit the freeway.
So now you know!

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