So Now You Know! #3

So Now You Know! #3 – You may see us refer to “trauma centers” a lot in our posts. Trauma centers are specially equipped hospital facilities to serve patients with traumatic injuries. Patients involved in motor vehicle accidents, shootings, and other incidents involving traumatic injuries will be transported to a trauma center for medical assistance. Trauma centers have a designation based on the level of care they are able to provide. We are forunate enough to have 4 Level 1 trauma centers here in the Metroplex: JPS Fort Worth, Baylor Dallas, Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and Children’s Medical Center of Dallas for pediatric patients. There are a number of other Level 2 and 3 trauma centers located across north Texas, but those 4 are the highest clinical care trauma centers within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Most of the victims in the Boston Marathon bombing and the West explosion were taken to trauma centers. Some of the nurses and doctors at these DFW trauma surgeons follow our page for information on incoming patients, how cool is that! Shout-out to all the nurses, doctors, surgeons, and personnel who work at these trauma centers and all hospitals across DFW. You are greatly appreciated! So now you know what we mean when we say Trauma Centers! A1

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