The Memorial.

Today was a day I will never forget. I witnessed hundreds of firefighters from as far as Calgary, Canada to as close as Waco, Texas come support the fallen heroes of West. It was truly moving. The President said it best “we need more towns like West in America.” It was profound and unreal. The Fire Department Brotherhood is real and alive. Towards the end of the memorial, over 300 bagpipers played Amazing Grace. It brought me to tears along with the rest of the crowd. I will and I hope you will never forget the firemen who give their lives everyday for all of us. Also lets go ahead and remember the families that also selflessly make the sacrifice. Lastly lets remember the fallen heroes that we honored today. Do not forget the men who died to protect the community of West. Do not forget every time you see a fire apparatus to stop pull over and let them do their job. They are working to save lives. No emergency is like any other, but they are always ready. Thank you to all the first responders and firemen. May God bless you all.
-Scott Beckwith (A6)

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