Show your Rig #62 – Mansfield Fire Department Hovercraft

Show your Rig #62 – Mansfield Fire Department Hovercraft – The Mansfield Fire Department has a new water-rescue Hovercraft built by Neoteric. The FD has been training the past few weeks on operating the new Hovercraft. The hovercraft will b…e used in lake rescues and floods.They are able to hover over logs, car tires and any other debris, unlike boats, that could be a hazard in the water.
The rescue hovercraft can travel up to 45 mph on any surface, including water, concrete, grass and gravel. It can carry up to three people. In a rescue situation, it would be manned by two fire-rescue personnel. You don’t have to work in fire, police or EMS to send us your photos. We welcome your photos of any good quality fire/ems or police vehicles. Send your photos to and Thanks A2


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