Great Job DPD and LPD!

Great job DeSoto and Lancaster PDs! – At 0451 this morning, Lancaster PD received a call from DeSoto PD advising of a possible wrong way driver northbound on 35E in the southbound lanes at Parkerville Rd. As LPD was working a shooting (motorcyclist firing into another car) at 35E and Danieldale, officers observed the black BMW Z4 traveling northbound in the left lane of the southbound side. We initiated a pursuit, and were joined by DeSoto PD. The driver continued traveling in the wrong direction, narrowly missing several vehicles along the way. The driver eventually entered the HOV lane through the southbound exit. He continued through the HOV lane and eventually exited at Continental Avenue. As he stopped at the light, officers rushed the vehicle and pulled him out before he could drive away. The driver and his passenger were both arrested by DeSoto PD.

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