Foot Chase End (Grapevine)

Foot Chase End (Grapevine) Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, and DFW Airport Police & K9 officers had been actively searching for a male burglary suspect who ran from a business near Nolen Drive, Kimball Ave and Ira E Woods. Officers gave foot pursuit and lost sight of the person near the Blooming Colors business on Ira E Wood. Officers called for Ft Worth PD Air 1 who quickly arrived on scene an…d began searching the area. The suspect was spotted bunkered down in a creek in a heavily wooded area. Air 1 led officers on the ground directly to the suspect who is now in police custody. Grapevine FD Medics are checking the suspect now for any injuries. No officers are injured. You can run but you cannot hide from Air 1. Great job to all officers on the scene!!! A2