*Parents with School Children!*

All parents with school children – read this!

The North Richland Hills Police are currently investigating a suspicious incident that occurred in the area of Emerald Hills Way and Galway Lane on Wednesday morning, August 26th. The initial investigation determined that a young female (10 years of age) had arrived at her bus stop at approximately 7:35am. Her bus stop is in the area of Galway Lane and Emerald Hills Way. The child stated that a gold colored SUV arrived at the location and parked facing north on Galway Lane. The driver of the vehicle called out to the child, “Come here” and motioned for her toward his vehicle. The child stated she was afraid because she did not know the driver, and began to walk westbound on Emerald Hills Way, towards her residence. The gold SUV began to slowly turn onto Emerald Hills Way in the direction of the child. The child attempted to flag down a passing vehicle, but ultimately used her cell phone to call for help, at which time the gold SUV left the location.

Vehicle description: 4 door gold SUV with white pin stripe down the side, and the rear side windows appeared to be missing and replaced with something similar to metal.

Driver description: white male, red t-shirt, bald, clean shaven, clean skin, approximately 30-40 years old and a smoker.

If you see this activity, the NRH PD recommends you call 9-1-1 immediately. To contact the NRH PD about this incident, call 817-427-7000.

Parents, be sure to teach your kids to stay away from strangers and immediately speak up if they are ever approached by such an individual!