Possible Water Rescue (Grapevine Lake)

Grapevine Battalion 1, Engine 1, Dive 1, Marine 1, Engine 2, Medic 1, and Medic 5 are on scene of a possible water rescue on Grapevine Lake. Flower Mound Engine 502 and Medic 502 are also responding. Reports of an overturned watercraft with people in the water. Units are responding to the area of Bolo Lane and High Road on the north shore. Grapevine Marine 1 is on the water. Battalion 501 reports two victims in the water and in need of rescue. Flower Mound and Grapevine both have boats on the water.

Update – Grapevine Marine 1 has rescued one victim from the water. The second victim was able to swim to shore. Rescue completed.