Active Shooter (Dallas)

Dallas PD is working an active shooter situation near 3200 block of Reynolds Ave in east Dallas. AVOID THIS AREA. Additional updates will be delayed for officer safety. Please do not comment any details.

*UPDATE – Dallas PD confirms one Dallas firefighter has been shot and transported to Baylor Hospital.

2:10pm *UPDATE – Update from City of Dallas: DFR arrived on the scene where a civilian had been shot and immediately began treatment. During this time, the suspect, approached the area then opened fire; ultimately a EMT paramedic was wounded. Observing the condition of the EMT paramedic, DPD transported him to Baylor Hospital where he remains in critical, but stable condition. DPD SWAT is searching for the suspect who they believe is still in the vicinity.

4:13pm – *UPDATE – Dallas Mayor reports the injured DFR paramedic is out of surgery and in the ICU. The first victim, a civilian whom the paramedic was treating on the scene, is also in the ICU. The threat to the neighborhood is over. A police robot located two individuals deceased inside a nearby home; one of these bodies is believed to be the shooter.