What’s All The Smoke Coming From DFW Airport?

It’s a question we have been asked many times the past 5+ years: “What’s all the smoke coming from DFW Airport? Did a plane crash? What is on fire?” This post will provide answers to those questions.

For years, firefighters at DFW International Airport have hosted agencies from across the country and around the world at their Fire Training Research Center. The center, located off Airfield Drive on the southwest side of the airport grounds, features a number of sophisticated, commercial-grade training equipment. The facility includes a mock A-380 aircraft, 5,000 sq. foot liquid hydrocarbon pit, and much more.

Aircraft rescue and firefighting (also known as “ARFF”) requires specialty fire apparatus with foam capabilities and other necessities to appropriately respond and contain any type of emergency incident involving an aircraft. It takes a lot of purposeful training to prepare for such a disaster.

As mentioned, the training center is not only for firefighters with the DFW International Airport Fire Department, but also utilized to teach and train firefighters from across the Metroplex, state, country, and world. The facility hosts firefighter training courses throughout the year. It is a busy place!

The large amount of black smoke is from the mock aircraft on the facility grounds. It is lit up in stages with heavy flames and lots of smoke, simulating an aircraft fire or crash. And usually just as quick as the smoke appears, it fades off until the next training stage. If you have observed the smoke before, you are aware the smoke is not constant, but comes in waves. Here is a quick video of a training exercise we took last year.

The heavy black column of smoke is easily seen from Highway 360. The facility is located just east of the Highway 360 and Glade Road interchange.

So next time you see the heavy amounts of black smoke from the airport, please remember there is no need for alarm or concern.

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