Helicopter activity over Arlington, Fort Worth

We have had over a dozen reports of increased helicopter activity over portions of north Arlington and Fort Worth, especially downtown.

There are at least two private helicopters flying over the Interlochen neighborhood and entertainment district. More than likely these are private aerial tours of Christmas lights. Interlochen is an neighborhood in Arlington well known for its Christmas light display. And ‘Enchant’ has been ongoing at Globe Life Park in Arlington’s entertainment district for the past few weeks, a Christmas light maze and ice-skating area on the Texas Rangers ball field.

The same helicopters flying over these areas are also flying over downtown Fort Worth, likely to view the large Christmas tree in downtown.

These private helicopter tours will likely continue until Christmas.

Neither Fort Worth PD or Arlington PD are working any major calls in this area. There is no reason for any alarm.

If we hear any additional information, we will let you know.