Dallas officers shoot man in Lake Highlands after foot pursuits, carjacking

Today at around 4:20pm, Dallas police officers responded to a call for a female being held against her will at a hotel in the 9500 block of Forest Lane.

When officers arrived on the scene, they attempted to make contact with the suspect. The suspect jumped from a window and fled on foot. Officers chased after the suspect, who was observed wearing body armor and carrying a handgun.

During the foot pursuit, the suspect pointed the weapon at his head multiple times and made threats to shoot himself. After briefly alluding officers in a wooded area, the suspect ran into an apartment complex and carjacked a woman at gunpoint.

After the suspect entered the vehicle, shots were fired. The suspect crashed the vehicle at an apartment complex, and then fled on foot again in an attempt to allude officers.

He then scaled a large wall and entered the backyard of a residence in the 12200 block of Jackson Creek Drive. After briefly getting into a vehicle, he got back out and ran across the street into a house. The homeowner confronted the suspect, and he left.

When the suspect came out of the residence, he was armed with a knife. After ignoring commands to drop the weapon, Dallas PD along with Dallas County Community College PD officers fired their weapons. The suspect was struck and transported to the hospital in unknown condition.