Dallas Police execute search warrants at multiple locations involving the Dallas Catholic Diocese

Officers with the Dallas Police Department have executed multiple search warrants at three (3) locations today relating to sexual abuse allegations involving the Dallas Catholic Diocese.

The search warrants stem from an ongoing investigation into a Catholic priest, Edmundo Paredes, who previously worked in Dallas. Back in August of 2018, the Dallas Catholic Diocese informed the Dallas Police Department and its Child Exploitation Squad of the allegations against Mr. Paredes.

Since that time, detectives have conducted multiple interviews with possible victims, witnesses, and suspects as well as multiple meetings with the Diocese and their counsel.

In addition to the allegations brought against Mr. Paredes, investigators have been made aware of at least five (5) additional abuse allegations against other suspects. These allegations were brought to light during the investigation into Mr. Paredes.

The search warrants executed today by the Dallas Police Department were to collect any data related to these additional abuse allegations. Three (3) locations were raided: the main headquarters of the Dallas Catholic Diocese at 3725 Blackburn Street, a storage facility at 4601 W. Ledbetter Drive, and the offices of St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church at 1743 W. Davis Street.

Dallas Police encourage anyone with information related to these cases to contact their offices at 214-671-4211.

DPD presence at Dallas Catholic Diocese (Photo: Jason Whitely)