UPDATE: Report of an armed student prompts extended lockdown at Midlothian HS

Midlothian Police have released additional details regarding an extended lockdown this morning at Midlothian High School that prompted a thorough search of the facility.

At around 9:30AM this morning, police received report from Midlothian High School officials that the facility was on lockdown after a student was seen displaying a handgun. A student witness said they observed another student display what she believed was a handgun.

Multiple police officers from several agencies responded to the school and began a thorough search of the building. Officers went room to room while the building was locked down in an attempt to find the armed student. Backpacks were placed outside of the classroom and searched as well.

No handguns or rifles were located during the search. Some pocketknives were located, but they were unrelated to the incident.

There were no arrests during the search, but police are still investigating the incident. An investigation is ongoing to try and located the student in possession of the handgun.