A breakdown of the 210 homicides across Dallas in 2019

The Dallas Police Department reports a total of 210 homicide offenses occurred in the city of Dallas during the year of 2019, the highest number in over a decade. Although certain areas of Dallas are known hot-spots for criminal and homicidal activity, the data indicates these homicide offenses occur in all portions throughout the city. Here is a quick breakdown of the homicide offenses by division.

Note: Dallas PD has seven designated patrol divisions across the city: Northeast, North Central, Northwest, Southeast, South Central, Southwest, and Central. Each patrol officer is assigned to a certain division. The crime reports are divided up by divisions. The numbers in these reports are primarily for the years of 2019 compared to 2018.

Central Dallas – The central area of Dallas, which includes downtown, Fair Park area, Oak Lawn, Lakewood, and more, accounted for the highest increase in homicide offenses in 2019 as compared to the former year, 2018. Officers responded to 24 homicides this year in the central division, as compared to 6 homicides in 2018. This represents a 300% spike in homicide offenses.

Northeast Dallas – The northeast area of Dallas, which includes areas east of US-75 and north of Interstate 30, encompasses neighborhoods surrounding White Rock Lake, Lake Highlands, and more. There were 37 homicides in the northeast division this year, compared to 21 in 2018. This represents a 76.19% increase in homicide offenses.

North Central Dallas – The north central area of Dallas includes most of north and far north Dallas. This region logged 12 homicides in 2019, up from 8 in 2018. This accounts for a 50% increase.

Northwest Dallas – The northwest area of Dallas, which includes a large number of commercial enterprises, logged 19 homicides this year. This is actually a reduction compared to 2018 when 27 homicides were reported. Homicide offenses dropped by 29% in this division.

Southeast Dallas – The southeast area of Dallas, which includes neighborhoods south of Interstate 30 and generally east and along Interstate 45, logged 40 homicide offenses in 2019. This division reported 41 homicide offenses in 2018.

Southwest Dallas – The southwest area of Dallas, which includes areas south of Interstate 30 and west of Highway 67, reported 27 homicide offenses in 2019. This is an increase in five homicides as compared to 2018’s total, accounting for a 22.73% increase.

South Central Dallas – The south central division encompasses areas east of US-67 to I45, north to the Trinity River and south along I-20. This division reported the total number of homicide offenses across all divisions in 2019. 51 homicides were logged in this area, up from 48 in 2018.

The Dallas Police Department publishes crime reports through their website which can be publicly viewed here.