UPDATE: Teenager shot at Dallas basketball game dies; juvenile suspect charged with murder

The Dallas Police Department has released an unfortunate update to the shooting that occurred last Saturday, January 11th, during a basketball game at the Davis Field House.

As seen in a video posted to social media, shots rang out during a basketball game, sending players and spectators running for cover.

Multiple Dallas police responded to the scene and located a victim, an 18-year-old male, shot. He was transported to the hospital where he remained in critical condition. He was pronounced deceased today at 2:59PM. A DISD police officer was also injured, but not seriously.

Last Sunday, January 12th, Dallas police released information stating that a 15-year-old male had turned himself in. The juvenile suspect was originally charged with Aggravated Assault, but that charged has been upgraded to Murder due to the passing of the victim.

Read official statements from the Dallas Police Department here.