Children found safe after murder and abduction; man responsible kills self during SWAT incident

The Dallas Police Department received a request to check on a 26-year-old woman at an apartment complex in the 8800 block of Ferguson Road on Sunday afternoon. When officers went to the apartment, they knocked, but there was no answer and the door was locked.

Later that evening, some of her relatives went to the apartment with a key to unlock the door. When they went into the apartment, they found her dead and her two children missing. Police were called back to the scene.

It was determined that the suspect was the father of the two children. He was a known domestic abuser to the woman who was found deceased in the apartment. A Local Amber Alert was issued for the two missing boys, a 7-year-old and a 1-year-old.

Yesterday, Dallas Police received information indicating the suspect and two children were at an apartment in north Dallas. Officers surrounded the apartment and the department’s SWAT team was called in to assist with the situation. As SWAT officers breached the door to rescue the children, the suspect became agitated, and killed himself. Both boys were located safe and released to CPS.