Group of 1,000+ bikers, jeeps convoy for ‘Back the Blue’ support

Earlier today, a group of 1,000+ motorcyclists, bikers, and Jeep drivers led a convoy across portions of the Metroplex to show support for law enforcement. The event, dubbed ‘Back the Blue Cruise’, involved primarily citizens and members of the Texas RAM Club and the North Texas Jeep Club.

The convoy met at Pennington Field in Bedford and then traveled 127 miles across the North Texas area.

As the convoy traveled across the area, there was a short stop planned at the Friendship West Baptist church, 2020 W. Wheatland Road, in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas; however, when the group arrived, they were quickly asked to leave by church leaders.

A statement from the church reads, in part, “An individual contacted us in need of meeting space for a Black Lives Matter Rally. In support of the movement, we agreed to allow the Black Lives Matter Rally happen in our parking lot. The rally turned out to be a Blue Lives Matter meet up.” It is unclear if the organizers of the group mislead the church, or if the church was mistaken as to the purpose of the meet up.

As members of the convoy arrived at the church parking lot, many staff and members of the church took to social media to post photos and videos of the encounter, sparking a massive backlash.

Members of the Back the Blue Cruise left the parking lot. Dallas PD was called to assist with traffic control.

A statement from the Dallas Police Department did not indicate whether anyone was cited or arrested.

The convoy continued as planned.

The Black Lives Matter event, which was approved by church leaders, took place on the church property a short time ago. The lead pastor of the church says the staff did not approve the convoy meet up earlier in the day.