Driver throws rock into mother’s car during road rage incident in Haltom City

A mother was shaken up today, understandably, after a man threw a rock into her vehicle during a road rage incident on Highway 377 in Haltom City.

This morning around 8:00AM, a woman, her young son and cousin were driving south on Highway 377 / Denton Highway approaching Western Center when a vehicle swerved into her lane from a turn lane. She honked, not knowing if the driver had seen her.

The driver who cut her off began driving erratically, swerving from lane to lane in an attempt to cause her to crash her vehicle. She continued to drive as normal, but changed lanes to avoid his erratic behavior.

As she entered into the turn lane at Browning, the driver got behind her and attempted to follow her into their neighborhood.

At this point, the man is leaning out of his car and yelling at them, according to the woman.

As the continue driving on Highway 377, the man throws a large rock threw the back window of her SUV. Luckily, it did not hit her or any of the persons inside the car.

He then sped off.

The Haltom City Police Department was called to take a report.

The suspect is described as a 20-30’s year old white male, slim build with brown hair and heavy facial hair. He was driving a Nissan Altima, dark gray in color with paper plates.

If you may have witnessed this incident, or know the man involved, contact Haltom City Police.