Allen mass shooter was armed with 8 weapons, officials say

Law enforcement authorities held a press conference this afternoon to update the public on the latest information regarding the mass shooting investigation in Allen.

According to Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey, the crime scene investigation has concluded and the property has been turned back over to its owners. Police assisted 1,100 patrons retrieve their vehicles from the property.

“Everyone did what they had to do,” said TxDPS Regional Director Hank Sibley, complementing the swift action by the Allen police officer at the mall who stopped the shooter. The officer has not yet been publicly identified, citing the current investigation. Officials say the officer responded immediately upon hearing shots and within minutes killed the shooter.

The shooter has been identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia from Dallas. FBI has conducted searches of his parents’ residence in Dallas and his own hotel residence. They have obtained numerous pieces of evidence to examine for their investigation.

The shooter had no criminal history. He was in the U.S. Army; however, he was “separated” from the military before his basic training had concluded. “There were some questions about his fitness for duty,” Director Sibley said. He also had a private security license, but had not worked in private security for years.

He was armed with a total of 8 weapons: 3 on him and 5 in his vehicle. A photo from the scene indicates he was armed with at least one long gun and several magazines strapped to his tactical vest. All weapons were legally obtained. ATF is running checks to see if these weapons were used in any additional crimes.

On motive, “We simply don’t know,” said Director Sibley. “That is what the investigation is trying to figure out.”

“We do know that he had Neo-Nazi ideations. He had patches and tattoos. Even his signature verified that. That is one thing we do know.”

Authorities are working to access his computer and social media to learn more about his beliefs and ideologies.

“It looks like he targeted the location, not specific types of people. He just shot people,” said Director Sibley.

Officials believe he acted alone, but they are keeping an open mind while they work through their investigation.

An official GoFundMe has been set up for the victims and their families.

The victims had been identified as the following:

Female, age 11, Sachse, TX
Female, age 8, Sachse, TX
Male, age 37, Dallas, TX
Female, age 35, Dallas, TX
Male, age 3, Dallas, TX
Male, age 23, Nevada, TX
Male, age 32, Dallas, TX
Female, age 26, McKinney, TX

Allen PD has shared this webpage for folks who need access to crisis support.