Thursday’s forecast: Near-freezing temperatures with some light snow possible

The gloomy, rainy weather sticks around through Thursday, bringing a chance of some snow flurries here in the immediate DFW Metroplex. Accumulations are likely well northwest of the DFW Metroplex, but the temperatures and conditions may drop just enough to provide some flurries here closer to home in the afternoon.

The NWS Fort Worth office forecasts temperatures to be at or just above freezing for most of the day Thursday and a likely chance of cold rain. In the afternoon, conditions may be favorable for some snow on the western side of the Metroplex. The chance for appreciable snowfall is greatest to the north, northwest, and west of our immediate area. If areas in DFW were to see some minor snow flurries, it would most likely occur between the hours of 12PM to 11PM.

As of tonight, we will see some periods of rain and drizzle, some of it will be freezing at times. This may create some slick, potentially icy, spots for your morning commute tomorrow. Widespread impacts are not expected.

Continue to monitor the forecast and stay updated on the situation throughout the day tomorrow as things may change.