Fort Worth officers forced to shoot dog who attacked and critically injured woman

At 4:24pm this afternoon, Fort Worth police were dispatched to the Edgewood Oaks Apartments, 511 S. Edgewood Place, after a woman was attacked and severely injured by a dog.

When officers and medical personnel arrived at the scene, they attempted to make entry into a second-floor apartment unit where the injured female was seeking aid, but the dog aggressively prevented them from entering, police say.

One officer attempted to strike the dog with his baton, but it was unsuccessful. The dog then charged at the officer, forcing him to fire his weapon. The dog was hit at least one.

The dog then fled downstairs and charged aggressively towards a second officer who also fired his weapon, striking the dog at least once. Despite being shot at least twice, the dog continued charging at Fire Department personnel. The second officer discharged his firearm again and ended the immediate threat to all emergency responders.

MedStar EMS transported the woman originally attacked by the dog to a local hospital for treatment of serious, potentially life-threatening injuries. Police say she is in critical condition.

Fort Worth animal control took custody of the dog.