DFW Scanner launches new nonprofit organization: ‘DFW Scanner Donates’

DFW Scanner, one of the largest public safety related news and information sites in the world, has launched DFW Scanner Donates, a certified 501c(3) nonprofit organization aimed at facilitating the donation and delivery of bottled water and supplies to emergency responders.

For years, the DFW Scanner team has worked with local food banks and companies to help distribute donated bottled water and Gatorade to firefighters, paramedics, and police officers across the North Texas area. In an effort to grow our operations, we have formed a nonprofit organization to enable folks from the community to get involved and keep our emergency responders healthy and hydrated.

Primary uses of the funds will be the storage and donation of the bottled water. Please visit http://www.DFWScannerDonates.org and learn more about our mission. You can give a tax deductible one-time gift or recurring donation on our website.

Thank you very much for your continued commitment to serving those who serve us!