Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Thank an officer.

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We want to thank each and every man and woman in law enforcement, who puts on the uniform and badge and does their best to serve and protect others.

Law enforcement officers see the worst in society. Every day, they are called upon to handle tough situations and serve as a peace keeper to those who are hellbent on disrupting it. They are usually the first to arrive at crashes where people have been injured or killed. They work behind the scenes to track down dangerous suspects and capture them before they commit another act.

The dangers of the job meet them on a daily basis, and they are required to act professionally, yet swiftly to resolve the situation. All the while faced with increasing backlash if they mishandle a scene. The pressure is immense, especially these days.

Hate against police has risen in past years. Back in 2015, DFW Scanner was proud to initiate the Back the Blue movement. For a Friday in September, thousands of people across DFW wore blue and displayed their support for law enforcement. It gained local and national media coverage, and hopefully got the message out to all our police officers that we stand with you.

So today, if you see a police officer out in public, shake their hand. Give them a buy. Buy their lunch. Or simply tell them they are appreciated. You’ll make their day.