Denton Police preparing for “peaceable protest” rally tonight at the downtown square

The Denton Police Department will be on hand this evening at the downtown square for a “peaceable protest” demonstration.

“Denton PD is aware of the rally taking place on the courthouse lawn tonight,” said a tweet from the department. “There will be a police presence at the event to ensure the safety of those in attendance.”

The protest was organized after a possible hate speech incident this weekend at a local bar in Denton. According to an article posted on Denton RC, a group of people were chanting “reclaim America” and reportedly assaulted at least one person.

The event tonight, called “Hate Has No Home in Denton County”, appears to be primarily organized through Facebook. As of 1:30PM today, 125 people were listed as “going” and over 400 had marked that they may attend.

“Denton PD recognizes and will protect everyone’s First Amendment right to peacefully and lawfully assemble.”