Dallas SWAT officer kills homicide suspect armed with assault rifle

The Dallas Police Department is investigating an officer involved shooting related to an earlier homicide that occurred yesterday, September 25th, in the 5200 block of S. Lamar Street.

Officers were conducting surveillance on a vehicle in the 9300 block of Skillman Street. The vehicle was associated with a homicide earlier in the day at a cafe in the 5200 block of S. Lamar Street. In that offense, multiple suspects attempted to rob a cafe, and shot and killed an employee in the process.

While officers were watching the suspect’s vehicle, homicide detectives were obtaining a warrant. Officers requested SWAT to the scene for assistance in apprehending the suspect(s) involved.

At around 12:30AM this morning, SWAT officers arrived at the location and attempted to take down the suspects in the vehicle. During the takedown, the suspects exited the vehicle and attempted to flee.

Police say one of the suspects was carrying an assault rifle. During the foot pursuit, the SWAT officer discharged his weapon, striking the suspect. The suspect was pronounced deceased on the scene. Officers were not injured during the pursuit.

The remaining suspects were taken into custody for questioning. The incident remains under investigation.