Pursuit End / Foot Chase (Kaufman County)

Kaufman County Sheriffs, DPS troopers and other law enforcement are searching for multiple subjects who bailed on foot from the end of a police chase near Rosehill Road and I20 in Terrell. DPS-101 helicopter is overhead to assist in the search. K-9 officers are also on scene. Suspects are reportedly from an armed robbery. AVOID THIS AREA.

Update – Multiple subjects have been taken into custody. At least one suspect still outstanding. K-9 working to track him/her down.

Update – Law enforcement is advising three in custody at this time. At least 1, possibly more, at large. Possibly armed and dangerous. Avoid this area.

Update – Suspects might have a scanner with them. Pertinent law enforcement communications will now be broadcasted through police computers.

Update – We have not heard anything further since most of the communications have been taken to means other than police radios.