Traffic Alert (Eastland County) Westbound I20 at Ranger Hill

Multiple agencies are on scene of a stalled 18 wheeler that has partially parked off the right side of the roadway along westbound I20 at Ranger Hill.

Reports indicate the truck had engines problems going up the hill, pulled off to the side of the road, and is now in risk of overturning off the roadway.

Law enforcement and fire personnel are on the scene. All westbound lanes will be closed at some point in the next few hours to properly upright the truck. Westbound lanes are open at this time, but very congested as a result of this situation, and will only get worse when a full closure begins.

If you have family or friends traveling westbound through Ranger Hill today, let them know if this traffic alert!

This incident occurs less than 24 hours after a fatal crash was reported on I20 west of Ranger Hill last night. Travel safe, please!

Photo: Ranger Fire Department