Dallas homicides drop 50% in June, homicides still up 20% compared to last year

As of Thursday June 27th, homicides in Dallas for June have dropped by 50% as compared to last month (May), but total numbers are still up compared to last year.

16 homicides have been reported as of Thursday, June 27th. We are also aware of at least two (2) homicides that are not accounted for in that number since they occurred yesterday (Friday). This brings the total to at least 18 homicides this month. 32 homicides had been reported at this time last month, accounting for about a 50% drop as compared to May.

There have been at least 106 homicides this year, compared to 88 this time last year. These numbers indicate about a 20% rise in homicide offenses since this time last year.

Luckily, it appears Dallas will have about half as many homicides as they had last month.