Teen father murdered newborn son, Carrollton police say

Today, the Carrollton Police Department arrested a 17-year-old man and charged him in the murder of his newborn son back in August.

On August 9th, a mother, who is also 17 years of age, noticed her three-week-old son was pale and bruised. She took him to a local hospital where he was unfortunately pronounced deceased.

An autopsy revealed the small child had several internal injuries consistent with blunt trauma.

Police started an investigation into the matter which led them to the father of the child.

Detectives determined the father of the newborn was mad at the child’s mother for keeping the baby. He was also concerned about having to pay child support.

The father stated he was alone briefly with the child on August 9th and inflicted injuries to the child consistent with the autopsy’s findings.

Caleb Blake Brown is in Denton County jail where is bond has not yet been set.