Search (Kaufman Co)

Search for Missing Child (Kaufman County, College Mound) College Mound FD is requesting all available resources of College Mound and Terrell (for light trailer) to assist in searching for a missing child in the 1000 blk of CR 139. No description of missing child. Updates as we hear them. (Credit: Bill Anderson)

Update from PIO regarding possible missing child in Kaufman County: There was a report that a child called for Help. Units have thoroughly searched the area where the noise was heard. All personnel cleared the scene shortly after 1am. In all, 35-40 personnel from Kaufman SO, College Mound VFD, Terrell VFD, and Kaufman FD responded to the scene and searched the area using trained K9s, thermal imagers (FLIR), and an old-fashioned straight-line search. SO deputies also conducted a door-to-door search to make sure no children were missing from the immediate area. Nothing was found during the searches to indicate that a child was ever present or in any distress. If a child is reported missing or if any additional evidence indicates that there may be a child in distress, rest assured that we will all return to the scene to search once again. However, we have done all we can do tonight, based on the information we have.