Shots Fired / Pursuit / Standoff (Dallas)

Full timeline of the incident. – As we first posted just before 12:45am this morning, Dallas PD were in pursuit of a suspect that reportedly had shot up the Dallas Police headquarters at 1400 South Lamar Street in downtown. After multiple shots were fired at the Dallas PD headquarters, the suspect vehicle rammed into a Dallas PD squad outside the station. Multiple shots were fired and the pursuit was on. The pursuit went south and ultimately ended in Hutchins, TX off I45 and E. Palestine Street near a Jack in the Box. Dallas PD with help from Air-1 and DPS-101 set up a perimeter and command post. DPS-101 had an aerial gunman on board the helicopter, and snipers were posted nearby with 50 cal weapons (Yeah, if you shoot up a police station, they bring out the big guns). When the suspect’s van stopped, multiple shots were fired from the vehicle. It was determined that the suspect had not fled his vehicle, and was held up inside. The suspect’s vehicle was an armored van with multiple gun ports on the side of the vehicle. It was then reported that the suspect was on the phone with Dallas PD and stated his vehicle was armed with explosives. The perimeter around the area was expanded. A long standoff ensued for the next few hours as police negotiated with the suspect. Around 4am this morning, Dallas PD tweeted out that multiple bags with possible explosives had been found around the Dallas PD headquarters. The EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) was called in. As the Explosive Ordnance Disposal robot attempted to move one of the bags, the bag exploded on its own, says DPD. Around 5:30am, Dallas SWAT was able to disable the suspect vehicle with a .50 cal rifle: 2 shots into the engine block and one shot into the vehicle where the suspect was held up. One of these shots hit the suspect, Dallas PD reports. All in all, there were 5 suspicious packages: 3 were cleared with nonhazardous, 2 contained explosives, 1 exploded on contact and others were detonated by the EOD team. We are very thankful to report that after having their squad cars rammed, their police station shot up, and their squad cars taking multiple hits at the scene of the standoff, NO police officers have been injured. As of 10:40am, officers have had no negotiations with the suspect for 4 hours. Dallas PD believe he is likely deceased.