Double Electrocution (Ft Worth)

At approximately 6:15pm March 29th 2017 the Fort Worth Fire Department responded to the 1500 Block of Oakland Place to a reported electrocution. When Fire units arrived on scene they were directed by bystanders to a heavily wooded area near the North end of Oakland Lake Park. Witness reported that two children had been electrocuted by fallen power lines. Fire units made their way into the area to locate the victims. Fire crews confirmed that there were two victims and the power lines were still energized and arching. A grass fire had also been ignited from the lines. Fort Worth Fire requested an emergency response from Oncor to assist in making the scene safe for fire and Medstar crews to enter and additional Fire units were requested to extinguish the fire. Oncor emergency response crews arrived on scene and were able to de-energize the lines. With the scene safe, Fire and Medstar personnel accessed the victims and determined that they were deceased. The victims were two boys approximately 11 to 12 years old. Final identification will be determined by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner. At this time the scene is being secured by FWPD. FWPD Chaplains are scene to support the family of the victims.