More than two dozen homicides in Dallas this month alone

The city of Dallas has seen a big spike in the number of homicide offenses this month. Over two dozen homicides have been reported this month alone.

According to the latest data released from the Dallas Police Department through NIBRS (National Incident-Based Reporting System), there have been at least 26 homicides this month across the city. We say “at least” because that number may not account for at least one homicide that occurred earlier this week. The number may actually be closer to 30.

Regardless, 26 is a big spike when you compare past numbers.

On this day last month, Dallas had seven (7) homicide offenses. This represents an almost 300% increase from last month.

On this day last year, Dallas logged eleven (11) homicides for the month of May. That number has more than doubled for this month.

75 homicide offenses have been reported in Dallas since January 1 of this year. This time last year, the city had reported 65 homicide offenses. This means an overall increase in homicide offenses by 15.38%.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the homicides per division (or area of town):
Central Dallas – 0
Northeast Dallas – 3
Northwest Dallas – 2
North Central Dallas – 2
Southeast Dallas – 5
Southwest Dallas – 5
South Central – 9

A very busy month for the Dallas Police Department – and we still have a week.