18-wheeler flips over onto vehicle along I35E in Dallas, killing driver

The Dallas County Sheriffs Office is investigating a major accident with fatality earlier today along northbound I35E near the Trinity River.

Dallas Sheriffs deputies and Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to the scene just before 10:00AM. When emergency personnel arrived, they located an overturned 18-wheeler that had crushed the driver’s side of a small vehicle.

Firefighters attempted to extricate the occupant, but could not due to the amount of damage and overturned tractor trailer. Heavy duty wreckers were called to the scene to lift the trailer off the vehicle. Paramedics pronounced the driver deceased at approximately 11:05AM.

The driver of the 18-wheeler says a vehicle cut him off, causing him to swerve left, lose control, and overturn.

The crash is still under investigation. Police are asking for the public’s assistance with the investigation. If you saw this crash happen, please contact Detective E. Embry at 214-589-2323.