Fort Worth police investigating multiple vehicles stopping traffic, performing stunts on I35W

The Fort Worth Police Department received a call of multiple vehicles drag racing on Interstate 35W last night (Wednesday) around 10:00PM near the Rosedale Street exit.

A video surfaced on social media showing multiple vehicles stop traffic and other vehicles performing stunts, such as donuts, in the middle of the highway while the other vehicles could not get by. There was another 9-1-1 report of 10-20+ vehicles drag racing as well.

The video was ridden with expletives, and can no longer be found on social media.

The trouble makers had already fled when police arrived. They are conducting a follow-up investigation into the matter.

“FWPD does not tolerate this type of behavior and it shows a complete lack of respect for the safety and welfare of everyone on the road.”

An abrupt closure of a major highway have and could lead to more serious accidents, especially with so many distracted drivers on the road.

If you spot this activity on area highways, call 9-1-1 immediately, provide a description of the vehicles involved, and note which direction they travel away from the scene.