Two people shot after tailgating driver shoots into vehicle during road rage incident on Highway 287

The Arlington Police Department is investigating an early-morning shooting related to a road rage incident on Highway 287 near the Arlington / Mansfield city line.

Officials say officers responded to Mansfield Methodist hospital around 8:30AM this morning after two gunshot wound victims arrived at the facility. One of the victims required surgery.

Detectives were able to determine that the shooting occurred just before 6AM in the southbound lanes of Highway 287 near Russell Curry Road.

Two vehicles were traveling along the highway, one of which was tailgating the other. The vehicle in front pulled off to let the tailgating vehicle pass, when the driver of the tailgating vehicle fired one shot into the one that pulled over.

The single shot struck both the driver and a passenger in the vehicle. Luckily, a child in the rear seat was not injured.

Both arrived at Mansfield Methodist hospital for treatment of their injuries. None of their injuries are reported to be life-threatening, according to police.

The tailgating driver who fired the shot drove off and is still on the loose. Police are looking for a 2005 – 2006 model Chevy Avalanche that is champagne in color. The vehicle has chrome wheels and a decal on the back window of the driver’s side. The driver is described as a black male, approximately 25-30 years of age with a stocky build, bald head, and no facial hair.

Contact the Arlington Police Department immediately if you spot this vehicle: 9-1-1, or contact Detective Tham at 817-459-5692.