I35W closed in Fort Worth due to massive pileup, Mass Casualty Incident declared

Numerous emergency responders with the Fort Worth Fire Department, Fort Worth Police Department, MedStar EMS, and Saginaw Fire Department are working a severe accident involving dozens of vehicles and 18-wheelers on I35W near Yucca Avenue.

The accident(s) occurred around 6:00am this morning after icy conditions were reported on elevated bridges and overpasses.

It is still unclear how many people have been injured, says MedStar. Paramedics and firefighters are still working to find and extricate injured people. The department’s AMBUS, a high capacity ambulance bus vehicle, has been on the scene providing assistance for all the injured people.

There have been reports that there be as many as 100 vehicles involved in the crash.

A Mass Casualty Incident has been declared.

Updates to follow.

Update from Fort Worth PD: There is a family reunification location for families to pick up & meet drivers/passengers involved in the pileup on I-35. The address for families to pick up their loved ones is….3700 E. Belknap (Riverside Center).

Update – Reports of at least three fatalities involved in this crash.

Update – Fort Worth FD confirms at least 100 vehicles involved. Five people killed. And 36 people transported to local hospitals.