Parker County man charged with felony after killing service dog

Parker County Sheriff’s investigators arrested a man in connection with an animal cruelty case.  

Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier said the incident occurred Sunday, March 5, 2023, when the suspect shot a dog at a residence in the 6300-Block of South FM 113.  

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the residence and observed the deceased dog with several gunshot wounds.  

A witness reported to deputies that he observed the suspect as a passenger in a truck traveling down the driveway when he shot the dog which was running toward the truck.  

The witness also reported that the suspect not only shot the dog from the cab of the truck, but after the truck stopped, he exited the truck and shot the dog several more times. The suspect then re-entered the truck and left the scene.  

Sheriff’s deputies reported the dog, named Dandi, was a 2-year-old Doberman and Labrador mix-breed, which was a registered service dog belonging to the occupant of the residence, who is disabled in a wheelchair. Witnesses on the scene reported as Dandi was bleeding from the gunshot wounds, she was trying to crawl toward her owner and was whimpering. Witnesses observed Dandi was wearing her service dog harness at the time she was shot.  

Dandi had suffered severe injuries. It was obvious to those on scene that Dandi would not survive. She was humanely euthanized at the scene to end her suffering. 

Sheriff’s deputies transported the dog to a local veterinarian, who recovered numerous projectiles from the Dandi’s right ear, leg, ribs, shoulder, abdomen and spine.  

The suspect was identified as Noel Britten Nolen, 41, of Parker County.  

Justice of the Peace Judge Randall Grissom was presented with the facts of the case and immediately issued a felony warrant for Nolen’s arrest on the charge of cruelty to non-livestock animals. Nolen was apprehended Friday and was booked into the Parker County Jail.

Information courtesy Parker County Sheriff’s Office.