Shooting (Ft Worth)

Fort Worth PD is on scene of a reported shooting incident in the 3800 block of Wharton Drive. There will be a very large police presence including Air-1 helicopter over the scene. AVOID this area.

Update – FWPD was responding to 9-1-1 reports of a person shot at a house in the 3800 block of Wharton Drive.

Update – Confirmed officer involved shooting.

Full update: Southside officers responded to a person with a gunshot wound in the 3800 block of Wharton Drive at around 8:30pm this evening. The first officers were on scene within a few minutes. A deceased person was located in the house with a gunshot wound to the head. It was noted that there was a possible witness to the shooting in a shed behind the residence. As officers were investigating, they encountered gunfire and returned shots. Both officers were struck. One officer was shot multiple times and is currently in critical condition. The other officer was struck in the chest, but his body armor deflected the bullet. As of midnight, over 160 officers from patrol, SWAT, tactical med, Zero Tolerance, and more are assigned to the incident.