Significant damage from tornado, but no one killed; additional updates

The city of Dallas has provided additional information on the storm / tornado disaster response. Despite all the damage, no one was killed.

Dallas Fire Rescue Chief Artis says his department responded to at least 50 utility / wires down calls and over 40 natural gas leaks. Emergency responders from Dallas Fire and Police along with several mutual aid departments conducted searches and rescues of neighborhoods and businesses to ensure no one was trapped.

There are no missing persons or fatalities to report, according to Chief Artis.

Recreation centers and libraries are open across the city for displaced residents to stay.

Damage assessments are still in progress, but the city hopes to have total number of buildings damaged tomorrow.

According to Oncor, 55,000 people are still without power across the Dallas area. Some locations in the impacted area will require complete reconstruction of the electrical lines and poles. Oncor says that is a time-consuming process.