Fort Worth FD ads personnel to assist on-duty firefighters and the city’s homeless

The Fort Worth Fire Department has announced a few changes in its operational plan, which aim to enhance their service to residents in Fort Worth and their on-duty firefighters.

Ops-2 and Medic-1 will now be assigned to major incidents to provide assistance to on-duty firefighters. Responsibilities include cancer prevention policies, rehab, and medical assistance for personnel.

Fort Worth FD and PD have also launched the “Hope” program to reach the city’s homeless population and frequent medical patients. Units will be designated as Hope 1, Hope 2, Hope 3, and Hope 4. Their responsibilities will include reaching out to the city’s homeless residents and chronic 9-1-1 users in order to get them help before it becomes an emergency. They will also strategically work in the community as outreach to reduce the number of emergencies and alleviate unnecessary calls that tie down emergency responders. The team will be made up of paramedics.

“These changes will be valuable assets for both the citizens of the city and our firefighters,” says the Fort Worth Fire Department.