Man charged with Terroristic Threat after claiming to have COVID-19 and coughing on people at Fort Worth laundromat

The Fort Worth Police Department has arrested a man and charged him with a Terroristic Threat after he claimed to have COVID-19 and coughed on multiple people at a Fort Worth laundromat.

Police were called to the business on Monday afternoon in the 5800 block of S. Hulen Street for a man “intentionally coughing on people.” He also claimed to be infected with the Coronavirus.

A woman approached the suspect, who was sleeping on the property, and asked him to leave, but he became irate and coughed in her face, while stating he had COVID-19.

The woman said the suspect spat in her face and attempted to cough on other people before running away.

Fort Worth police officers caught up with him nearby and placed him under arrest. He was transported to a local hospital as precaution.

“The seriousness of the current COVID-19 crisis cannot be understated and any threat of using the virus, whether infected or not, will be vigorously investigated and appropriate law enforcement action will be taken,” says the Fort Worth Police Department.