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Six people arrested after peaceful demonstration turns violent in Arlington

The Arlington Police Department is investigating multiple incidents of burglary and criminal mischief that occurred yesterday evening and night across various portions of the city.

Officials say a peaceful demonstration began at the Center Street bridge over Interstate 20 yesterday afternoon around 4:00PM. Multiple officers shut down the area in an effort to give the protesters a safe demonstration location.

After the protest at Center Street ended, a second demonstration occurred at Arlington’s City Hall and Police Station, located at the intersection of Cooper Street and Division Street. A handful of agitators from the second demonstration burned flags in front of the police station, damaged windows outside the building, and defaced a star in front of the station.

The group of protesters and agitators, which included several dozen vehicles, continued towards AT&T Stadium. When the group arrived at the Walmart store located across from AT&T Stadium, several people began to break into the store, which had already closed for the night. APD was quick to respond and arrested four people for breaking into the building. Others ran away.

The Arlington Police Department Special Response Team established themselves in front of the Walmart store to protect the agitators from further looting the building.

After the break-in at the Walmart, a small group of agitators left and drove to the Arlington Parks Mall and Arlington Highlands. Officers were able to surge both locations and prevent further looting from these areas.

Over the course of the next hour, the group drove around erratically through several streets, damaging buildings and breaking windows. Several stores, including the Arlington Jewelry Exchange, Jared’s Jewelry, Walmart Supercenter (S. Cooper Street), Which Wich (Highlands), First Cash Pawn, suffered glass damaged or were burglarized by the group.

There were two additional arrests for the burglaries.

Detectives are also working to identify the numerous drivers who evaded police and drove recklessly throughout the city while these demonstrations took place.

Two police officers, police horse injured in downtown Dallas protests

It has been a wild weekend in downtown Dallas as two nights of protests have taken place. During the protests, a smaller group of rioters and looters have caused disruptions on highways and marched through areas, such as Deep Ellum, breaking into businesses.

Multiple Dallas police, DART police, DPS troopers, and more were on hand to make sure the protestors remained civil and protected.

Unfortunately, two police officers were injured from flying debris on the first night of the protest (Friday). One of them is with the Dallas PD and the other is a DART police officer.

A Dallas Police Department mounted patrol horse also sustained an injury from flying debris. The horse was treated by officers and is doing fine.

Luckily, officials say no officers were injured last night (Saturday).

We urge our fellow Texans to remain peaceful in your demonstrations. Everyone deserves a safe voice in the public discord. Violence is never the answer. Peacefully protest, but let’s all go home safe at the end of the day.

Speeding drunk driver runs red light and hits vehicle in west Dallas, killing three people

The Dallas Police Department is investigating a multi-fatality crash that occurred just after 1:30AM in the west Dallas area.

According to police, a drunk driver traveling at a high rate of speed was going westbound on Singleton Blvd. when he ran the red light at the Hampton Road intersection and collided with a passenger vehicle traveling southbound on Hampton.

The force of the collision caused the vehicles to hit two others. A total of four vehicles were involved in the crash.

The vehicle hit by the drunk driver was occupied by four people. The driver, a 47-year-old man, was killed. Two passengers, a 19-year-old female and an 18-year-old female, were also killed. The woman sitting in the front passenger seat, a 42-year-old woman, was transported to a local hospital with serous injuries.

No other drivers were seriously injured.

The suspect, a 23-year-old man, was transported to a local hospital where he was found to be intoxicated. Police have charged him with three counts of Intoxication Manslaughter and one count of Intoxication Assault.

Man charged with Terroristic Threat after claiming to have COVID-19 and coughing on people at Fort Worth laundromat

The Fort Worth Police Department has arrested a man and charged him with a Terroristic Threat after he claimed to have COVID-19 and coughed on multiple people at a Fort Worth laundromat.

Police were called to the business on Monday afternoon in the 5800 block of S. Hulen Street for a man “intentionally coughing on people.” He also claimed to be infected with the Coronavirus.

A woman approached the suspect, who was sleeping on the property, and asked him to leave, but he became irate and coughed in her face, while stating he had COVID-19.

The woman said the suspect spat in her face and attempted to cough on other people before running away.

Fort Worth police officers caught up with him nearby and placed him under arrest. He was transported to a local hospital as precaution.

“The seriousness of the current COVID-19 crisis cannot be understated and any threat of using the virus, whether infected or not, will be vigorously investigated and appropriate law enforcement action will be taken,” says the Fort Worth Police Department.

UPDATE: Carrollton Police arrest teenager who claimed to be spreading Coronavirus

The Carrollton Police Department has arrested 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga, who was wanted for posting a series of Snapchat videos purportedly infesting shoppers at a local Walmart.

On Sunday, Carrollton PD said they were attempting to locate her after the discovery of the Snapchat videos. The series included references to receiving a positive COVID-19 test, and later showed her at a Walmart store claiming that she was “infesting every [expletive] here.”

She has been charged with a Terrorist Threat. This is a 3rd-degree felony.

Contrary to her Snapchat videos, “Maradiaga has stated that she is COVID-19 negative,” say police. “We currently have no proof that Maradiaga has tested positive.”

Her bond has been set at $20,000. She has been ordered to quarantine for 21 days upon date of release from custody as a precaution.

Several DFW-area emergency responders test positive for COVID-19, over a dozen in quarantine due to exposure

As many of us are tasked with simply staying home these days, our frontline emergency responders are not as lucky. They continue, unwaveringly, to answer 9-1-1 calls and respond appropriately, despite the threat of infection and exposure to the deadly COVID-19 Coronavirus disease.

Although we don’t – and may never – have the total numbers of DFW-area emergency responders who contract COVID-19, we do know that both Dallas and Fort Worth have personnel with confirmed cases of the disease.

As of March 31st, the Fort Worth Police Department says three (3) of their officers have tested positive. Luckily, all three are in self-isolation at home.

This morning, the Dallas Fire-Rescue Association says seven (7) members of their force have contracted the virus and a total of 50 are in quarantine.

Dallas Police Department’s latest numbers (as of April 2nd) indicate six (6) of their officers have tested positive.

The Plano Fire Department says two (2) of their firefighters have tested positive as well.

All departments across the DFW Metroplex, and certainly the country, are taking extra precautions when answering medical-related calls. Many of the 9-1-1 callers are asked questions as a pre-screening before they come into contact with fire and police. Many of the emergency responders now wear increased personal protective equipment to shield against any patient who has tested positive, or may be positive, for the virus.

The threat for community spread is listed as “substantial.” The CDC is now recommending the use of masks when conducting business or errands outside of the home.

The most effective way for you to keep yourself and others healthy is to STAY HOME. We all have a part to play in the health and safety of our community. This includes all our brave firefighters, paramedics, and police officers working around the clock to keep us safe!

Woman dead after shooting and crash in west Fort Worth

The Fort Worth Police Department is investigating a major accident in the 2900 block of West Loop 820 South near Camp Bowie Blvd.

This afternoon, emergency responders were called to a crash at the given intersection. It was a single vehicle accident where a female motorist ran into a guardrail.

After the female driver was pulled from the vehicle unresponsive, it was discovered she had been shot.

She was rushed to a local hospital, but pronounced deceased. The victim has been identified as a 70-year-old woman from Benbrook.

Here is an updated press release sent out by the Fort Worth PD regarding this incident:

“Stay at Home” mandate issued for residents in Denton County

Officials in Denton County have now ordered all individuals to stay a home beginning tomorrow (Wednesday), March 25th at 11:59PM. The mandate lasts until March 31.

“All individuals currently living within Denton County are ordered to STAY AT HOME or their current place of residence,” reads the order.

“All businesses operating within Denton County are required to cease all activities at facilities located within Denton County. Businesses may continue operations consisting exclusively of employees or contractors performing activities at their residences.”

Denton County has 36 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, as of Tuesday March 24th. Dallas and Tarrant counties have also ordered similar declarations for their residents.

Click here to read the full order.

Stay At Home ordered for individuals in Tarrant County

Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley has signed a declaration ordering individuals within Tarrant County to stay at home and limit errands to those that are essential, such as groceries and medications.

The order begins at 11:59PM tonight through April 7th.

“All persons currently residing within the incorporated and unincorporated territory of Tarrant County shall stay at their place of residence, except as allowed by this Order. All persons may leave their residences only for Essential Travel, to work in Essential Businesses, Government Service, or Essential Critical Infrastructure, or to perform Minimum Basic Operations.”

All businesses in Tarrant County will be closed to the public, unless they are deemed to be essential.

All public or private gatherings of any number of people occurring outside the home are also prohibited.

“We’re not out here trying to find people to fine,” said Judge Whitley when asked how law enforcement will enforce the measures. He did say that as police patrol neighborhoods, if they see congregated activity at local parks and other public areas, officers will advise them to disperse. The order reads: “Any person who violates this Executive Order may be subject to a fine not exceeding $1,000 or confinement for a period not exceeding 180 days.”

“Any business who can work virtually should,” said Mayor Betsy Price of Fort Worth. “Everyone else: when you are home, stay home.”

Read the full Executive Order, including definitions and other guidelines, here.

“Shelter in place” order issued for residents in Dallas County starts at midnight on Monday

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has ordered all residents in Dallas County to “shelter in place” under a new declaration announced on Sunday afternoon.

“Because of the risk of the rapid spread of the virus, and the need to protect the most vulnerable members of the community, this Order requires all individuals anywhere in Dallas County to shelter in place – that is, stay at home – except for certain essential activities and work to provide essential business and government services or perform essential public infrastructure construction, including housing.”

The Order begins at midnight tomorrow, March 23rd, and will last until April 3rd.

There were 14 cases of the Coronavirus in Dallas County last Sunday; however, latest numbers indicate at least 131 known cases, including two deaths.

Officials are still recommending people to avoid gatherings of over 10+ people.

Officials recommend these important safety measures:

Avoid close contact with people who are sick
Avoid touching your face
Stay home when sick
Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and throw the tissue in the trash
Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
Follow CDC recommendations for using a facemask
Wash your hands often using soap for at least 20 seconds
Consult with CDC’s travel website for any travel advisories

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